Nanoporous materials can be classified into three categories according to their pore size: microporous (or metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in our study) (< 2 nm), mesoporous (2 – 50 nm), and macroporous (> 50 nm). These nanoporous materials exhibit high surface areas, controllable morphology (nanoparticle and thin films), and tunable surface functionalities (amino group, thiol group, carboxylic group; therefore, they have been showing great potential in many chemical engineering fields. Our research topics are focused on the synthesis of novel nanoporous materials (the composition includes silica, metal oxides, and carbon) for solving biomedical, energy and environmental issues.

利用不同手法合成奈米孔洞材料,例如:水熱法、溶劑法、微流體法、電化學法、模板法、微波合成法,不同方法能配合所需目的之改變合成出不同特性之材料,其孔洞涵蓋微孔(≤ 2 nm)、介孔(2~50 nm)以及大孔(≧50 nm),材料的種類涵蓋金屬有機骨架、二氧化矽、金屬氧化物和多孔碳材,並且透過改變親疏水性、導電性、特殊官能基、孔洞大小、離子選擇性……等特性,以做為催化、生醫、電化學、薄膜過濾、水處理……等最重要的材料。


  • 配合不同目的調整金屬有機骨架特性
  • 利用碳化技術提升材料的導電性以及增加表面含氮官能基
  • 透過孔洞大小以及不同表面官能基擁有離子選擇性
  • 透過材料親疏水性調整,可以分別應用在水相以及有機相系統





Selected Publications


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